Project Development

For clients seeking legal assistance to support energy and infrastructure project development, there is no substitute for a broad range of experience handling a variety of project agreements for different types of projects.  I have been involved in project development matters pertaining to renewable and conventional power generation, power transmission, gas pipeline, refining and other energy and infrastructure projects for over 30 years.  I pride myself in understanding the energy industry and the specific requirements of each project, as well as being able to communicate effectively with the various participants in transactions, including business executives, project managers, engineers, lenders, investors and other lawyers.  I also try to help clients reduce costs by prioritizing the legal work required to support the development process.

I have drafted and negotiated virtually all types of project development and operating agreements for energy and infrastructure projects, including:

  • Power purchase and sale agreements
  • Renewable energy credit (REC) purchase and sale agreements
  • Fuel supply agreements (including natural gas, coal and various forms of waste fuel)
  • Fuel transportation agreements (for pipeline, truck and rail carriage)
  • Water supply agreements
  • Operation and maintenance agreements
  • Equipment purchase agreements
  • Real estate options, leases, easements, rights-of-way and licenses, and
  • Construction agreements (including for EPC, EPCM, fixed price, time and materials, cost-plus and other arrangements).

While the bulk of my practice has involved power generation and transmission projects, I have extensive experience on other energy and infrastructure projects, including oil refineries, marine terminals, natural gas pipelines, chemical plants, liquids storage facilities and office buildings.  This broad exposure to different energy and other industrial sectors allows me to craft innovative solutions to thorny commercial issues and to provide perspective on what commercial terms are reasonable and customary in different markets.  To see representative transactions in which I have worked on project development matters, please click here.